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The 25 Year Journey of Sound Wave Images with Shari Richard



Shari (Sharleen) Richard

R.D.M.S Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

About Unborn.com & Sound Wave Images

Click here to view the 2 minute clip of the 25 year Journey of Sound Wave Images and Founder , Shari Richard, RDMS.

“Is that my baby moving?”…”Why didn’t someone tell me?”…”Lord, forgive me and take away the guilt and the pain…”

These are the voices of women, men and families that have been confronted with the truth of abortion displayed through ultrasound. This gift of life is unique, it is transforming and it is irreplaceable. As a result of my ultrasound profession and personal grief and pain from abortion, I incorporated Sound Wave Images in 1990. The mission was to provide educational resources on fetal development and facts related to the emotional and physical trauma of abortion.

The Journey of Sound Wave Images will take you through the last 25 years and show excerpts of video productions, ultrasound manuals, trainings, speaking presentations and other completed missions. We are “Leading the Way with Ultrasound” and we are changing lives and touching hearts through the “window to the womb” and the voices of millions of men, women and families who are breaking the silence and sharing the truth that abortion hurts all!! It is my prayer that this message will continue to bring healing and hope to change the hearts around the world to recognize the hidden and inherent beauty of every life. It is time to begin the journey back from death to life, from pain to healing and from denial to purpose.

Through His Grace,

Services of Unborn.com & Sound Wave Images

Nationally Recognized Speaker and Sonographer
Specialized Presentations and Services
• Public & Private Schools
• Fund-raising for Pregnancy Care Centers
• Limited Ultrasound Training and Consulting
• Fetal Development Education/DVD Productions
• Consulting and Referrals for Ultrasound Systems

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Shari Richard
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Candace Kendrick
Ultrasound training

Shari and Tiffany have such a passion for the unborn. This training has been phenomenal! I highly recommend it. I have learned so much.

 by Felicia Warfel
Highly recommend!

Shari’s training was excellent! She is easy to understand, fun to work with, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience! Thanks for welcoming me to Michigan!

 by Jill B
Limited US refresher training

Sheri and Tiffany gave a very encouraging refresher course
I have learned to improve my scanning skills. It was a blessing to fellowship with other women who value the sanctity of life and are so vested in protecting it.

 by Joanna Brogdon
Ultrasound training

Shari did a great job sharing all of the knowledge she has acquired through her many years of experience in ultrasound. She made things easy to learn and provided great tools and tips that we can take with us as we move forward in our journey!

 by Shelby DePas
Great 5 day training

Learning from a woman whose skill and passion made US a foundational tool in resource centers/clinics. Small groups with lots of attention. A fun learning environment with amazing fellow students. Great to see different centers.

 by Kacey

I absolutely loved Shari’s class. Her knowledge and experience is one of a kind. Her passion shines through her teaching.

 by Britta clark
Limited ultrasound training

Shari provided wonderful classes! She has a wealth of knowledge to share, and she does it in such a fun way! Her passion for ultrasound is contagious.
Thank you Shari for everything!

 by test

Awesome Test