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SWI/UNBORN.COM has provided training evaluation for PCC’s since 1996.

The average overall training evaluation scores from approximately 500 students range from exceptional to above average with recommendation to refer this training to other PCC’s.

Training Evaluation of SWI/UNBORN.COM Limited Ultrasound Training

What is your perception of the trainings strong points?

“I loved the hands–on training” “Helpful, encouraging, knowledgeable” “personal commitment” “power point presentation and manual was very complete” “lots of hands-on instruction with models” “Great instructor with much love and patience” “Practical, simplicity with a standard for excellence” “loved the teaching style and competent instructors” “Your refresher course was so helpful” “I will have to change some of my old habits” “Shari’s personal testimony and compassion for the ministry” “The DVD and manual is very professional and helped us to continue to learn and review all the information”

What is your perception of the trainings weaknesses?

“I can see how more  days would be helpful” “NONE” “Have a # rotation for the students during scan labs” “ “Could not think of anything” “I saw nothing that did not contribute to our growth”

Would you recommend this course to others?

“Yes, Yes, Yes!!!” “Definitely…As a medical director I would highly recommend this course to any doctor or nurse performing limited ultrasound without reservation”

Additional Training Evaluation Comments:

“AWESOME!!… Loved it!” “Shari & Robin are very brilliant instructors inside and out…using a series of scans to determine viability made so much sense. We have learned new techniques and have made positive changes in our protocol” “The course is extremely good and was a wonderful experience… I learned far more than I thought I would.” “As a physician this course assisted me immensely in feeling more confident in my technique.” “Shari & Robin show such amazing excitement and enthusiasm for teaching ultrasound, combined with extraordinary compassion. Additionally, we all captured her spirit and heart as she inspired us. It’s amazing to be blessed by her enthusiasm that I will carry forward in this ministry.”

I feel I can now do an ultrasound correctly. I still have lots to learn but I thank you from the bottom of my heart… From the refresher course I personally feel that my knowledge base has increased. I am much more aware of the techniques needed for successful OB scans With more practice I can now build on this foundation and ministry and be more effective and confident in doing Gods work… The new DVD, Eyewitness and Window 2 for PCC’s will add to our instruction for fetal development, post abortion and healing and general information to make an informed decision.”

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Shari Richard
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by T
Hand on

Good hands on training, lots of practice and instruction. Shari is very warm and welcoming, she makes you feel home and allows you to ask as many questions as you may have. I will definitely recommend this training.

 by Linda Snowden
RN ultrasound training

Shari is very knowledgeable in ultrasound and has an effective way of training nurses to perform ultrasounds. It was so helpful to review anatomy and review all materials before hands on sessions. Shari has such a wonderful heart and respect for the clients which we were able to see. I am so excited to take all that I have learned back to my home clinic as we start performing ultrasounds.

 by Shirley Garner

Shari is positive and supportive through both the didactic and hands on training. It is amazing how operator dependent ultrasound procedures are but she inspires the confidence necessary for learning the procedures that were new to me. It is very rewarding to be able to perform ultrasounds.