So What Do You Think of Those Babies? Thumbs UP!!

Thumbs Up Catches the Attention of the Media

The “thumbs up” ultrasound image of “Fonzie fetus” has gone viral with social and major media in the last few weeks. Amazing comments of awe and excitement is what Shari Richard, a pioneer of the use of ultrasound in Pregnancy Centers, has witnessed since the 1990 release of the video “Window to the Womb” and “Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life” . The ultrasound images have educated millions with over 750,000 copies distributed and translated around the world. About the News Article: Learn more!

For Instance an ultrasound video shown to a high school classroom of a 10 week baby “George” (now woman of 26) is seen jumping and waving in the womb. Other images show babies yawning, sucking their thumbs and sticking out their tongues. The video’s most famous image is when Shari asked the classroom “What do you think of those babies?” The baby image and class gives out an applauding thumbs up!

Now with the new DVD release, she has added the 3D images of the yawn, kiss, peace sign and thumbs up. Utilizing the digital advances of technology, Shari continues to produce “The Next Generation” 5 disc series of videos for Public and Private Schools, Pregnancy Centers, Medical Centers and Church groups. Her NEW release of “Eyewitness 2: The Window to the Heart” is a 5 minute loop subtitled in English, Spanish and suitable for all languages. The DVD contains soothing background music with fascinating images showing fetal development.

Shari’s goal is to circulate this message world wide through social media and apps and let the ultrasound images speak their language of love and life. She is quoted as saying “The eyewitness of ultrasound is the window to the heart and speaks the universal language to the soul.”

Shari, who personally experienced the grief and pain of abortion, uses her knowledge to effect hearts and minds. In 1992, Richard also led the way through implementing the first medical ultrasound clinic for Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC’s) and now many PRC’s are providing ultrasound and serving some 1.9 million people each year through education, love and support.

As a voice for the unborn for over 25 years, Shari believes that Ultrasound is the language of life and love to the heart. WE ARE WINNING THE HEARTS FOR LIFE!! Her unforgettable images continue to alter the national conscience and affect public opinion. She continues her work educating, speaking and ultrasound training for the medical staff of PRC’s. Her mission is to continue to bring healing and hope and to change hearts to recognize the hidden and inherent beauty of every life. “It is time to begin the journey back from death to life, from pain to healing and from denial to purpose.” Richard lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan and has 3 sons.

For more information, order DVD’s or schedule an interview with Shari visit UNBORN.COM or contact or e-mail Shari Richard!

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Shari Richard
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 by Kimberly
Re: What do you think of those babies? THUMBS UP!

Awesome that this picture keeps going viral! Love it. "George" is your best witness at work! Amazing how our Lord speaks through the life He created.