Remembering the words of Ronald Reagan

Let us not forget the immortal words of Ronald Reagan

He was a man of faith who led this nation into a time of blessing. Other’s since him have moved further and further from faith to lead this nation into sin. The result is the curse under which we currently live. High taxes, high unemployment, high sin at all levels, high disrespect/hatred of Christians and Christianity. Let us remember the words of Ronald Reagan and pray for this nation before its too late.

There are two perspectives the world observes. Either they are propelled by a faith in God, creator of this earth and provider of answers to all of life’s problems or we believe we are nothing and came from random matter just out of sheer chance. This person puts faith in nature alone. Ever since the days of Aristotle man has drifted apart from God. The humanist belief is in one’s self as apposed to the Christian’s belief in a supreme, supernatural being known as G-d, or YWVH. One belief leads to life and blessing. The other to death and curse. Which would you feel safer living under. Ronald Reagan led us along a path of righteous living as a nation. This nation was blessed by the leadership and courage of faith of Ronald Reagan. Since then, we have suffered, groaning with the wrath being poured upon this nation.

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Shari Richard
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