Shari Richard with Client

The mission is to network with medical professionals, Pregnancy Care Centers, and schools to provide educational resources and training on fetal development utilizing the scientific technology of ultrasound.

We believe the result of this network will reduce teenage pregnancies, abortions and provide women with the needed information and support to make an informed decision.


“About Sound Wave Images” from Shari Richard on Vimeo.

Missions Completed by Sound Wave Images

  • Produced and provided the video tapes, “Ultrasound: A Window to the Womb” &
  • “Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life” to:
  • over 5,000 public and private schools
  • 70,000 pro-life groups, Pregnancy Help Centers, churches, bookstores, families, medical groups.
  • 535 donated to every member of the U.S. Congress and Senate
  • Has provided over 500 ultrasound exams for the PCC’S of SE Michigan deterring 90% from abortion.
  • Developed the “Imaging Network Diagnostic Ultrasound Manual” designed to provide information on establishing a professional, legal and medical ultrasound service for PCC’s and medical providers. Variations of this model are now utilized in over 100 PCC’s that are claiming the same profound results.
  • Joined forces with the Institute of Ultrasound Diagnosis to provide “The Imaging Network Diagnostic Ultrasound Program” which is a comprehensive ultrasound course tailored specially to train nurses and physicians working with PCC’s.
  • Provided international presentations to medical groups, churches and Pregnancy Centers.
  • Lectured and provided over 5000 ultrasound videos to schools receiving thousands of letters verifying positive response, change in attitude and reduction in teen pregnancy
  • Interviewed on over 300 radio and television networks including USA Radio Network, 700 Club, Moody Broadcasting Network, International Christian Media and more.
  • Testified as an expert witness on fetal development using ultrasound technology in U.S. and State legislative hearings.
  • Ultrasound videos shown at the UN Conference on Population and Development in Cairo and Beijing which influenced world leaders to change their view on abortion and the unborn.
  • Provided international distribution and translation of Ultrasound: “A Window to the Womb” & “Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life” and is now available in Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Romania, Italian and the Russian languages.
  • Provided ultrasound footage to the Arthur DeMoss Foundation in their national commercial campaign “Life. What a Beautiful Choice”.
  • Through Shari’s personal testimony of her own abortions and healing she continues to share God’s love and forgiveness to encourage and lead others to complete healing.

Ultrasound is the Abortionist’s Greatest Fear!!!

“Probably nothing has been as damaging to our cause as the advances in technology which have allowed pictures of the developing fetus, because people now talk about the fetus in much different terms than they did 15 years ago.”
-Harrison Hickman, Pollster for the National Abortion Rights Action League.

Ms. Richard’s testimony and ultrasound clips are the most powerful evidence regarding the abortion issue brought before the Senate to date.”
-Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT), March, 1990 Hearing on the “Freedom of Choice Act”