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SWI/Unborn.com Ultrasound Training Course Information:

Shari Richard Limited Ultrasound Training Course Informmation

The limited ultrasound training course will provide your choice of 3-5 days training specialized to meet the educational needs of your Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) and medical students. The limited ultrasound training course is tailored specially to train health care providers of PCC’s on providing limited ultrasound exam to determine confirmation of pregnancy, viability and gestational age up to 16 weeks.

The course has been revised and the didactic portion is now available on-line for both new and those refreshing their skills. The hands on-clinical can be scheduled at your center or at our designated locations. As a new or experienced Sonographer it is important to keep your skills updated and reviewed by a qualified RDMS. The 3-Day Refresher Course is designed to improve image optimization, interpretation and scanning skills.

The didactic portion of the course consists of 9-12 hours of remote training which includes recorded on-line sessions, digital workbook, PowerPoint presentation and instructional YouTube videos. This revised program will allow more time for students to learn the material and review recorded sessions at any time for refreshing skills. The hands-on sessions will focus on scanning techniques and allow for more supervised scans.

Table of contents for The Unborn.com Limited

Ultrasound Training: 

Chapter 1: Guidelines & Legalities
Chapter 2: Counseling Techniques
Chapter 3: Procedures/Forms
Chapter 4: U/S Models and Roles
Chapter 5: Informative Articles:
Chapter 6: U/S Basics/Trans-Vaginal
Chapter 7: Fertilization/Normal 1st Trimester
Chapter 8: First Trimester Abnormalities
Chapter 9: Normal 2nd Trimester Measurements
Chapter 10: Index

In order to obtain adequate training for scan labs, no more than 9 students can register for the clinical training with only 2 students at each ultrasound station. If more than 9 students register, we will provide additional ultrasound systems and sonographers as needed for the supervised clinical training and adjust the registration fee accordingly. Medical directors, volunteers, physicians and board members may also participate in the didactic portions of the training that will provide general information on legalities, procedures, regulations, counseling techniques or whatever issues they would like to address at no additional cost.

The art of scanning requires cultivation and time to be perfected. One should not expect proficiency within a few days. Medical staff must have continued clinical training with a professional skilled in sonography until they are deemed competent. The Competency Evaluation and Certificate will be supervised by the Medical Director or a Registered Sonographer at the time the medical student feels she is ready to pass the hands-on test, (Competency Test). There are no specific regulations on how many supervised scans are necessary to pass the competency test. This will vary for each student and usually is between 25-75 scans. Out staff will also provide on going support, additional on-line training and review scans as needed.

The PCC’s who desire to schedule the hands-on training at their center they will need to schedule the pregnant models for the scans. Advertise on face book, in church bulletins, OB offices, Christian Radio, local PCC’s or previous clients for your models. All pregnant models will need to sign a medical release form which can be provided by SWI upon request. All models need to be instructed to drink 28 oz of liquid 1 hour prior to their appointment and are scheduled every 45 minutes depending on the size of the class.

The staff and associates are licensed skilled sonographers, medical professionals and educators trained in the Pregnancy Center setting. The course is compliant with the AWHONN, AGOG, SDMS, AIUM guidelines and recommended by the National Pregnancy Organizations of Care Net and Heartbeat. For more information on our 25-year history go to UNBORN.COM.

Competency Test 1st Trimester
Competency Test 2nd Trimester

 by Kendra J. on Shari Richard
Class April '24

The 5 day training with Sheri was absolutely amazing. She was very thorough and great at communicating exactly what steps we need to take to improve our skills. I really appreciate how the clients well being was all was the most important goal of every session.

 by Adrienne B on Shari Richard
April 12-16, 2024

Shari has so many great techniques and tips on how to make scanning more simple, organized, and accurate. I appreciated her calm demeanor and patience. The amount of time for each student to scan was long and I was able to think things through without feeling rushed. The models were of different gestational ages and I was able to practice several transvaginal scans, which wasn’t possible at previous trainings I have attended. I highly recommend this training course for anyone new to scanning or those wanting to refresh and be the best nurse sonographer you can be. And, the fellowship, prayer, and food was also great. 5++ stars!!

 by Lydia on Shari Richard
Ultrasound model

Shari and the trainee were wonderful during my visit for an ultrasound, taking their time to go over everything and ask if I had any questions. They were so compassionate and made me feel very comfortable. Great experience and would recommend to anybody!

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