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Imaging Network Limited Ultrasound Training Course Information

The limited ultrasound training course has been expanded and is now available for medical professionals who wish to be certified in limited ultrasound or just need an annual review or re-certification class. SWI will provide your choice of 3-10 days of on-site training, specialized to meet the educational needs of your Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) and medical students. The limited ultrasound training course is tailored specially to train health care providers of  PCC’s on providing limited ultrasound exam to determine confirmation of pregnancy, viability and gestational age up to 16 weeks. The staff and associates of SWI are skilled sonographers and educators who have adapted the educational objectives to meet AWHONN, AGOG, AIUM, Care Net and Heartbeat guidelines for performing limited ultrasound. An even balance of didactic and clinical practice teaches students to systematically evaluate clients by correlating clinical history and sonographic appearance for the development of interpretive skills.

Due to the intensity of the course all pre-registered students will receive and need to review in advance of the training  “The Imaging Network Manual” and the 2 hour DVD entitled “Heart of the Mission…Leading the Way with Ultrasound”. Additional information is covered in the manual for continued education and is not required for the limited ultrasound course.

The Advantages of On-Site Training are:


Combine Training & Cost with Other Centers

  • will save the PCC’s travel expenses
  • will allow local PCC’s to combine cost and training
  • will structure training to meet PCC’s budget, time and needs
  • will allow medical students to arrange personal schedule, care providers for children and be home evenings with their family.
  • will allow medical personal to take less time off from employment
  • will allow clinical training on PCC’s own ultrasound system
  • will allow medical students to learn and scan together which provides encouragement and confidence during the learning process
  • will provide medical directors, volunteers and board members to be present to discuss and adapt general procedures and protocols to the PCC’s specifications.
  • will allow more medical students to be trained to provide more ultrasound coverage

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In order to obtain adequate training for scan labs, no more than 5 students can register for the clinical training. If more than 5 students register, SWI will provide additional ultrasound systems and sonographers as needed for the supervised clinical training and adjust the registration fee accordingly. Medical directors, volunteers, physicians and board members may also participate in the didactic portions of the training that will provide general information on legalities, procedures, regulations, counseling techniques or whatever issues they would like to address at no additional cost.

The art of scanning requires cultivation and time to be perfected. One should not expect proficiency within a few days. Medical staff must have continued clinical training with a professional skilled in sonography until they are deemed  competent. The Competency Evaluation and Certificate will be supervised by the Medical Director or a Registered Sonographer at the time the medical student feels she is ready to pass the hands on test, (Competency Test). There are no specific regulations on how many supervised scans are necessary to pass the competency test. This will vary for each student and usually is between 25-75 scans. SWI will also assist the PCC in locating additional sonographers in your area to provide additional clinical supervision.

For nurses who have been certified for limited ultrasound and need a general review or re-certification, SWI can provide this service with the package price for 5 nurses. This training is designed to improve image optimization and refresh your scanning skills. Your choice of 1-2 days will provide additional clinical and didactic review to meet your needs.

The PCC will need to schedule the pregnant models for the scans. Advertise in church bulletins, OB offices, Christian Radio, local PCC’s or previous clients for your models. All pregnant models will need to sign a medical release form which can be provided by SWI upon request. All models need to be instructed to drink 36 oz of liquid 1 hour prior to their appointment and are scheduled every 30 – 45 minutes depending on the size of the class.

Competency Test 1st Trimester

Competency Test 2nd Trimester

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