Here are Frequently Asked Questions  (F.A.Q.)

F.A.Q. 1: Why is Ultrasound so Effective?
Major advancements in real-time ultrasound images have allowed the medical community to have access to much higher quality images than ever before. The image the woman sees on the monitor is factual and positive. When a woman sees her child on the monitor or hears the heartbeat the mother-child bonding begins. In most instances women who have had an ultrasound take better care of themselves. Additionally family members and friends will provide her needed support. Ultrasound is a very effective tool in preventing teen pregnancies. Schools have reported that teen pregnancy rates have dropped from 25% to 1.5% as a result of using ultrasound videos as a part of abstinence curricula. Teens begin to face the reality that sexual activity creates new life that will be their responsibility.

F.A.Q. 2: Is Ultrasound Safe?
Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves and allows the operator to view inside the body. The American Institute of Ultrasound and Medicine (AIUM) has reported that after 40 years of testing and use of diagnostic ultrasound there has been NO confirmed biological effects on patients or instrument operators caused by exposures of intensities used. Although the possibility exists that such biological effects may be identified in the future, current data indicates that the benefits to the patient outweighs the risk, if any, that may be present.

F.A.Q. 3: Is Doppler Ultrasoud Safe for Early Pregnancy?

The output of ultrasound energy is greatly increased when Doppler is used—-over 7 times that of standard B-mode scanning. The ALARA principle dictates that the unborn be exposed to the lowest amount of ultrasound energy to obtain the needed information.  Thus when cardiac activity is visualized, there is no medical indication for Doppler. The AIUM has stated in their 2009 report that exposure utilizing Doppler in the first trimester should be restricted to the lowest outputs consistent with obtaining the necessary diagnostic information.”

F.A.Q. 4: What are the medical indications for PCC’S to refer clients for ultrasound?

  • To confirm pregnancy and viability of a pregnancy
  • To determine the fetal age and estimated due date
  • Provide factual medical & educational information for informed consent

F.A.Q. 5: What is the cost of an ultrasound machine?
The price ranges from used $5,000 to new $40,000 depending on transducers and functions. SWI/UNBORN.COM can provide you with expert advice and special pricing and purchase options for ultrasound equipment. Go to unbornultrasound.org

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