Endorsements: What People are saying about Shari Richard!

by Peter and Elisabeth Swiriduk on Shari Richard
Heard you on Point of View: Two Thumbs up!

Yesterday, on WBCI (105.9 FM) I heard your interview with Kerby
Anderson. Thank you for having a heart for the unborn children.
Knowing that you brought the ultrasound tool to show how precious and
vital the unborn child is... During the interview you validated that
caller who shared her story about driving a friend... Thank you for
doing that. It took a lot of courage for her to share her story.
Shari, I will share your links on both Tweeter and Facebook. THANK
YOU SO MUCH for all you do to bring awareness of the unborn child.
Two thumbs up!

by Kimberly on Shari Richard
Re: What do you think of those babies? THUMBS UP!

Awesome that this picture keeps going viral! Love it. "George" is your best witness at work! Amazing how our Lord speaks through the life He created.

by Lisa McDougall on Shari Richard

Shari has been to our Center before and I'd like to inquire about having her back for more training. We have 1 RN who was trained last time Shari was here so she would like to do a refresher course. We also have 2 other RN's who would be attending. Please let me know what training times are available and what the cost would be.

Thank you,

Lisa McDougall

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Palm Desert, CA 92260


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Endorsements: What People are saying about Shari’s ultrasound videos

The quality of the ultrasound images that you show are the best I have ever seen. The images and information contained in the video are accurate and objective.
Alexander F. Metherell, M.D., Ph.D. Radiologist

I recommend Shari’s videos for every school as an excellent educational tool to show the humanity of the unborn.
Cardinal James Hickey, Archbishop of Washington D.C.

Shari’s video has turned literally hundreds of women choosing abortion. It is the most powerful and effective video used in our center.
Eleanor Ruder, Director PCC

Endorsements: Speaking Presentations and Training

Her personal testimony of two abortions adds to her credibility and shows her deep compassion for women.
H.S. Teacher

Our supporters at our banquet were so touched by Shari’s presentation and ultrasound that they caught the vision of becoming medical and a donor provided us with a new ultrasound machine.
Mary Gaseway, Director of Pregnancy Center of Lodi

Endorsements: Ultrasound Training

Shari is very dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled at implementing our ultrasound program. Hundreds of babies are alive today because of her work in S.E. Michigan.
Dr. John Barkay, DO, PC

Shari was a dynamic speaker for our residents course receiving high evaluation ratings. Comments included One of the best I have ever heard, excellent, touching, motivational, wonderful, incredible, lots of new insight gained. She has always been one of the top rated speakers and educators because of her commitment, knowledge and personal testimony.
John R. Crouch, Jr., M.D., IUD Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics

I have never been associated with people with such sincere dedication and pure joy for their profession.
Charles Mudge, RT., DMS, Blairsville, Georgia & Murphy, North Carolina

Shari’s ultrasound training was very professional and appropriately directed to our specific needs. She conveys a kind, warm and caring manner that is appreciated by our nurses and clients.
Kari Scott, MD Pregnancy Resource Center of San Fernando Valley, CA

“What Shari has done is crucial. How would I take the next step or know what to do? What we learned this week has given us a foundation to build on. I recommend this course to the directors and medical staff as the very first step for providing ultrasound.”
Rod Murphy, Director of Problem PCC of Worchester, MA

“Do I understand everything? No. But I feel I have the basic tools and understanding to from here and learn more. I feel that God has used this course in my life to enhance my life and ministry for the center.
Cheri Pinkman, RN First Choice Women’s Resource Center, Montclair, NJ

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