Course Objectives

Course Objectives

The course objectives of this program is to provide a comprehensive limited diagnostic ultrasound course designed specifically for physicians, nurses and health-care professionals who are interested in providing medical and ultrasound services to PCC’s and their clients. It has been the the result many PCC”s that professional education, support and medical care will reduce crisis pregnancies, abortions and empower women with the needed information and support to make an informed decision.
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The art of scanning requires cultivation and time to be perfected. One should not expect proficiency upon completion of this course. Medical staff must have continual clinical training with a professional skilled in ultrasound until they are deemed competent. Competency will require between 40 -75 supervised or reviewed scans depending on the skill of the student. The Competency Evaluation and Certificate will be provided by a RDMS or the Medical Director.

Diagnostic ultrasound service can be provided if the PCC’s:

  • Converts into a Pregnancy Medical Clinic with a physician serving as a medical director.
  • Refers their clients to a medical clinic for services.
  • Contract with a registered sonographer or mobile service for the ultrasound.

The goal of this course is to provide PCC’s with licensed health-care professionals that have been trained:

  • To perform and interpret early OB ultrasound scanning techniques so that the ultrasound operator can provide the documentation of pregnancy, gestational age and viability to the client.
  • To recognize and evaluate abnormal pathological appearance  of OB studies related to the viability of the pregnancy so the medical director will be able to refer the client for additional medical services.
  • Attend review classes for those who have been certified in limited ultrasound to improve image optimization and refresh scanning skills
  • To counsel women and couples in crisis pregnancies.
  • To equip clients with complete knowledge of options, sources of help and informed consent.
  • To encourage volunteers working within PCC’s to do further research into crisis pregnancy management, abortion, post abortion complications and abstinence education.

Educational Objectives

After completion of this course and 40 -75 supervised clinical scans, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand basic physics and instrumentation of ultrasound system to obtain an optimal image.
  • Recognize the acoustic representation of normal anatomy of the female pelvis, embryo and fetus through 16 weeks gestation.
  • Identify and document the viability of the embryo and fetus from M-mode and imaging
  • Perform basic scanning techniques and documentation for 1st and early 2nd trimester
  • Recognize the acoustic appearance of normal anatomy of the embryo from for both TAB and TV
  • Demonstrate and measure gestational age in 1st and 2nd trimester
  • Recognize and image the signs of missed, complete and threatened miscarriages
  • Recognize and image the signs of ectopic pregnancies
  • Understand general management, policy and procedures, restrictions, and guidelines for the use of ultrasound within PCC’s.
  • Understand the medical indications for an ultrasound for those women considering abortion.
  • Have in place positive counseling techniques and referral networks for clients of PCC’s.
  • Apply the nursing process and implement an appropriate care plan based on results.

Teaching Methods

  • Didactic lectures recorded on line for on-going review and allows flexibility in learning with nurse’s busy schedule
  • Didactic lectures with power point presentation with live ultrasound clips embedded for live demonstrations
  • You-tube videos demonstrating in scan sessions, transducer manipulation, system operation, scanning techniques and more…
  • Interpretive sessions of normal and abnormal images
  • Multiple scanning sessions with only 2 students at each system
  • Ongoing support and scan reviews
  • Digital teaching tools, manuals and DVD’s
  • Webinars


UNBORN.COM is considered a continuing medical education program. Applicants must verify completion of a minimum of two years paramedical training such as radiologic technology or nursing and/or document previous experience in diagnostic ultrasound/or have a BA degree in a medical field. They must also provide verification of employment or affiliation with a Pregnancy Care Center

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