Competency test 2nd trimester

The SWI/UNBORN.COM Limited Ultrasound
Competency Test 2nd Trimester

Applying U/S Basics and Physics

Obtain pertinent patient history

  • Hold transducer correctly & recognize proper orientation of the transducer to the anatomy being reviewed
  • Correctly adjust focal zones, frequency, depth and gain settings to ensure the best resolution of the image
  • Recognize basic knob logy of the controls needed to perform all functions of the U/S exam

Image and Label Appropriate Anatomy & Measurements

  • Image/label in the sagital plane the Lower and Upper Uterine Segment, including the vaginal canal, cervix, bladder and fundus of Uterus
  • In the sagital plane, sweep through the uterus to the Rt. & Lt. to demonstrate fetal lie
  • In the Transverse Plane, sweep inferior to superior to demonstrate vaginal and cervical canal, uterus..continue to sweep until out of the fundus.

Image and label mid Transverse uterus.

  • Magnify or zoom to image of the fetus
  • Find the fetal lie and place fetal model on the lie/ Image & label and note orientation of the transducer.
  • Move transducer transverse to the fetal lie and sweep through the baby from the head to buttocks. If the baby moves go back/show fetal lie sweep the though the body again.
  • Measure BPD and Head Circumference at the proper location
  • fetus is moving or the head is positioned brow up or down, come back and attempt BPD later.
  • Demonstrate heart rhythm with M-mode and measure BPM
  • Depending on the protocol of your PCC measure Head Circumference (HC ) & femur If unable to obtain BPD attempt femur or HC. Take Proper Images for the Physician: Sag/ML/Trans of uterus/ +/- heartbeat/Fetal lie/ growth measurements
  • Print pictures of the baby to give to Mom.
  • Prepare final report and images for the reading physician
  • Understand the procedures for 2nd trimester U/S for follow up, normal and abnormal U/S findings

Competency test 2nd trimester results:
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Initial Instructor/Trainee_____________________ Date:_________________
Final Instructor:___________________________ Date:________________
Medical Director or Physician:_______________ Date:_________________

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