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by Peter and Elisabeth Swiriduk on Shari Richard
Heard you on Point of View: Two Thumbs up!

Yesterday, on WBCI (105.9 FM) I heard your interview with Kerby
Anderson. Thank you for having a heart for the unborn children.
Knowing that you brought the ultrasound tool to show how precious and
vital the unborn child is... During the interview you validated that
caller who shared her story about driving a friend... Thank you for
doing that. It took a lot of courage for her to share her story.
Shari, I will share your links on both Tweeter and Facebook. THANK
YOU SO MUCH for all you do to bring awareness of the unborn child.
Two thumbs up!

by Patti on Shari Richard
RE: What do you think about those babies? THUMBS UP!

I will pray and I will let Jerry know what you are up to!!

by Kimberly on Shari Richard
Re: What do you think of those babies? THUMBS UP!

Awesome that this picture keeps going viral! Love it. "George" is your best witness at work! Amazing how our Lord speaks through the life He created.

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